Year Overview - Wet Leisure

Year Overview

In this section we have the year at a glance.

Between mid-November and the first week of January, with the help and support of BSPF, we ask industry members to fill in a simple questionnaire. All of the responses are completely anonymous.

Some of the survey questions have remained the same since 2011 so that we can chart long-term trends and see, in broad terms, how the industry is changing.

Some questions have been unique to a specific year and are designed to explore issues that might be hot-topics for our industry at that particular moment.

The purpose of the whole process is to produce something that can benefit anyone in our industry when it comes to seeing how their business is doing compared to the industry as a whole. We would hope that it was also useful in planning for the future by spotting growing sectors of the wet leisure industry and highlighting new consumer trends.

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