2012 Trends - Wet Leisure

Marketing, health and safety and PR.

In this year’s survey we asked a few specific questions about areas which we felt were hot topics in the wet leisure industry. What is the best way to market your own business is always something that interests people. Should the whole industry be working to raise it’s profile? And with several outbreaks of Legionella throughout the year, should the wet leisure industry be more regulated?

What marketing and advertising do you apply to your business?

2012-bc-6 Not all of the survey respondents answered this question but all that did so were using more than one form of marketing. No matter how the survey data was analysed, the graph above remained fairly constant. That is, businesses in the top end or those looking at a budget conscious market, large or small businesses, pool or spa or sauna businesses; all of them used a broadly similar media mix for their marketing. Of course, that is all that this result shows; what media do you use for your marketing. The quality and its effectiveness cannot be judged here. “Our professionalism; we are told time and time again by clients and main contractors how impressed they are with the quality of our staff and their attitude.” Word of mouth was the most popular marketing tool in the ‘other’ section. “It may be old fashioned but it has to be recommendation.”  “Our honest approach to clients without pulling the wool or degrading other businesses has paid off with our clients.” The second question concerned promoting the positive aspects of the wet leisure industry to the public in general.

Do you think more should be done to promote the wet leisure industry in general to the public?

2012-bc-7 83% of respondents agreed that our industry should do more to promote itself to the general public. And finally.

With this years outbreaks of Legionella and continuing discussion regarding pool safety, should the wet leisure industry be more regulated?

2012-bc-8 Clearly, with 58% or respondents agreeing or strongly agreeing there is a case to be made for pressing for industry regulation.