2023 Trends - Wet Leisure

Breakdown by region

We end where we began, with looking at the survey region by region. Our regions each have their different characteristics and, if anything, these have become more notable over time.

South East

The South East tend to have slightly smaller businesses – in terms of staff numbers – than the survey norm and that has been true for a number of years. Businesses in this region are more likely to be working in the pool sector. In terms of challenges, energy costs were certainly a factor here but not more so than the weather or the overall state of the economy. Their customers were certainly looking for top-end installations. They are expecting business next year to be good.

South West

Another region where the influence of rising energy costs sat equally alongside the economy as a whole and the cost of living crisis. Although no respondents described their client base as purely commercial it seems that the hotel, rented holiday accommodation and holiday parks are a major factor in the economy of this area and that in turn influences what conditions exert what affect. Respondent’s view of business next year is slightly more pessimistic than that of the South East.


If you are doing business in the midlands you are selling spas and hot tubs. This region has always loved it’s hot tubs. Businesses in the region found business challenging this year and that has mostly been put down to spiralling energy costs, which probably play a greater part in hot tub sales that any other industry sector. Sauna and steam are growing in popularity in the region.


This region shares some characteristics with the Midlands, particularly when it comes to the importance of spas and sauna.


Business was difficult in Wales but such business as there was tended to be spas and sauna but respondents thought things would improve next year.

In conclusion

It has been a difficult and complicated year with different regions and different industry sectors responding differently to the challenges and opportunities that the year has given us.

The rising cost of energy has, however, hit everybody everywhere.

Sauna appears to continue to grow in popularity. It has a relatively low energy use and yet delivers the mental and physical benefits that customers are looking for Customers want to save money but not at any cost. They are looking for the best value for money rather than simply the cheapest product or installation.

The wet leisure industry is becoming a storehouse of knowledge regarding energy saving and sustainability. If a customer will be a heat exchanger from you for his pool or hot tub, then why not for his house? We have built a strong and resilient industry that has withstood the challenges of the last year far better than it stood up to the dreadful weather and recession of 2011/2012.

We should celebrate ourselves for that achievement and many others.