2022 Overview - Wet Leisure

This will be the twelfth year of the Wet leisure Industry Survey.

To be honest, it doesn’t feel as if we have been going that long but if the records show we have, then we have.

And that is one of the reasons for the survey. Memory plays tricks on us; some things we miss-remember, some things we simply forget. So it’s good to have an accurate record of our industry. What are the challenges we have faced and how did we overcome them?

Those are things it’s good to know when we are making business decisions for the future. It is good to have the lessons of the past to look to.

Certainly 2022 was a year packed with things to remember.

War in Europe.

Three Prime Ministers but no elections.

The shortest term of office for any Prime Minster on record. Outlasted by a lettuce and ending in economic meltdown.
The hottest day on record in the UK.

Farewell to a Queen.

Spiralling energy bills fuelling the biggest jump in cost of living for 40 years.

Against such a challenging background, it is fascinating to see how our industry got on.