2021 Overview - Wet Leisure

This will be the eleventh year of the Wet Leisure Industry Survey.

Each year these survey reports look back over the year that has been; and what a year it has been.

It almost feels as if our sense of time has been distorted. Covid and its enormous impact on our business lives, Brexit and the global supply chain issues all feel as if they have contributed to a year that is much more complicated and challenging than almost any year we can remember. Lockdowns, social distancing and the restrictions on international travel and foreign holidays have contributed to a year that feels empty and disjointed.

These are certainly strange times.

It’s true to say that everyone’s experience of this global pandemic is different. The disease can infect any of us or all of us; the restrictions it brings about apply to us all and yet, even within our industry, everyone will have had a unique experience and as such, in the year’s report, we aim to get under the skin of the numbers and try and tell something of those individual stories.