2018 Overview - Wet Leisure

Against a background of political and economic uncertainty, the majority of the wet leisure industry enjoyed a successful 2018.

Almost 90% of respondents expect 2019 to be at least OK and possibly extremely good. We hope that proves to be true.

Certainly Brexit remains as the biggest question mark on the horizon. Whether you see it as a problem or an opportunity, it’s true to say that no one really knows what the affect might be.

There are questions around the level of training and skills in the industry and therefore a feeling that good staff are increasingly hard to find. Should the industry as a whole put more resource behind training?

The refurbishment market remains strong but can that last forever? There are only so many pools in the UK that can be improved and no one knows what that level of stock is.
The number of businesses involved in the service and maintenance of spas in the holiday let sector is growing and growing. Although HSG282 provides guidelines for the work, it’s clear that most spa owners see the benefit of a spa professional maintaining the water quality.