2012 Overview - Wet Leisure

In 2011 the survey was conducted entirely online.

This year, with the help and support of the BSPF, we supplemented the online survey by sending out another survey form in the post. The number of responses that we got to the survey increased significantly.

For the wet leisure industry, 2012 was a challenging year.

The media was full of doom and gloom. The weather was simply gloomy.

We suffered an almost unbelievable double-whammy of a soaking wet summer and a hosepipe ban that hit the headlines.

Perhaps because of that, industry confidence took a nose dive although actual sales figures of spas and saunas stayed surprisingly healthy.

The changes that we began to see in the industry were more and more businesses began to operate in both the private and the commercial sector.

Spa hotels and holiday lets with hot tubs began to increase in popularity. Sales of steam rooms and steam showers began to grow.