2014 Overview - Wet Leisure

The first statistic for 2014 is an encouraging one.

We received more responses this year than the last.

In fact, the number of businesses that have taken the time to fill in the survey has increased by over 75% since the survey began.

In fact, one respondent wrote, “I look forward to reading the results which I find are becoming a valuable indicator of the mood and direction of our industry.”

2014 was a good year. The survey showed a strong and confident industry.

“Best year since 1981”

 It was a particularly good year for the spa and hot tub sector and that growth came from customers looking to buy products in the middle of the price range.

2014 showed continued demand for energy saving products.

“Energy efficiency is very ‘fashionable’ in this day and age so customers are keen to get involved.”

The number of businesses serving purely the commercial market has shrunk to almost nil.

Digital marketing has taken over from traditional media across the industry.

“I think the reputable companies in the industry are now better equipped with the help of social media to fend off the ‘cowboys’ that will naturally try and jump on the bandwagon as popularity of hot tubs increases further.”

Where people had concerns for the future they were most likely to be regarding the effect that the coming election may have on the economy, their ability to recruit skilled staff and, of course, the possibility of poor summer weather.