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This is the thirteenth year of the Wet leisure Industry Survey. The first Survey took place in 2010 and the results were published at SPATEX the following year. The original concept of an industry wide survey came from Golden Coast and was simply this, Other industries and markets have facts, figures and statistics that are […]

This will be the twelfth year of the Wet leisure Industry Survey. To be honest, it doesn’t feel as if we have been going that long but if the records show we have, then we have. And that is one of the reasons for the survey. Memory plays tricks on us; some things we miss-remember, […]

This will be the eleventh year of the Wet Leisure Industry Survey. Each year these survey reports look back over the year that has been; and what a year it has been. It almost feels as if our sense of time has been distorted. Covid and its enormous impact on our business lives, Brexit and […]

2020 was a year like no other; unlike anything we have ever experienced and made so singularly unique by something that arrived, in the most part, completely unexpectedly. In fact, all our attention was elsewhere. In last year’s survey the introduction to the results began, ‘Looking forward, Brexit remains as the biggest question mark on […]

Last year almost 90% of respondents expected 2019 to be at least OK and possibly extremely good. In this year’s Survey, 85% of respondents posted exactly that. 2019 was a year when the summer weather was good but not great, when we had seemingly endless political turmoil and the uncertainty of BREXIT was yet to […]

Against a background of political and economic uncertainty, the majority of the wet leisure industry enjoyed a successful 2018. Almost 90% of respondents expect 2019 to be at least OK and possibly extremely good. We hope that proves to be true. Certainly Brexit remains as the biggest question mark on the horizon. Whether you see […]

Like most years, 2017 was a mixture of good and bad. As one respondent said, ‘Good start – poor finish. Just like the weather.’ Brexit and the economic and political uncertainty that goes with the process continue to stifle consumer confidence and the exchange rate driven price rises that distributors were forced to bring in […]

In the main, 2016 has been a good year for the wet leisure industry, at least from the perspective of the businesses that responded to the survey. The weather was kind and the economy was reasonably buoyant. And then there was Brexit. That shock result and its aftermath have sent waves through the wet leisure […]

Almost 20% of respondents said that 2015 had been an extremely good year for their business. Do they share common trends? How do they stand out from the industry average? The regional spread is not that different from the overall survey sample. It seems that wherever you are based in the country, you can have […]

The first statistic for 2014 is an encouraging one. We received more responses this year than the last. In fact, the number of businesses that have taken the time to fill in the survey has increased by over 75% since the survey began. In fact, one respondent wrote, “I look forward to reading the results […]

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