2015 Overview - Wet Leisure

Almost 20% of respondents said that 2015 had been an extremely good year for their business. Do they share common trends? How do they stand out from the industry average?

The regional spread is not that different from the overall survey sample. It seems that wherever you are based in the country, you can have a highly successful business.

They tend to be slightly larger businesses with almost 70% having 6 or more employees. Of course, this could be just as much an affect of their success as a cause.

Although the industry as a whole has seen growth in the spa market, this top 20% are slightly more likely to be dealing with pools and saunas than the survey average.

They are slightly less likely to be purely involved in the domestic market and they put even more importance on service and maintenance than the survey average. Perhaps those two things are connected with commercial service contracts providing a steady income stream.

Unlike the rest of the industry, they see the economy as having a far greater influence on their business than the weather and, across the 5 years of survey results, this is the first time this group has felt that way. Perhaps they have finally discovered how to ‘weather proof’ their businesses.