2011 Overview - Wet Leisure

“From October 1st 2011 to January 15th 2012, Golden Coast conducted an in-depth survey of the wet leisure industry.

This was an on-line survey with all respondents recruited via the Internet. Businesses were informed of the survey by emailed newsletters, on social media and by the inclusion of a link to the survey in on-line, wet leisure forums.

The purpose of the survey was simple; other industries and markets have facts, figures and statistics that are available to all and they help people make better decisions and grow better businesses. We should be the same.”

That was how and when the Wet Leisure Industry Survey started.

What did it have to say about 2011?

2011 was a difficult year for the Wet Leisure Industry and, indeed, the whole UK economy. We had relatively high inflation, high unemployment and a shrinking economy. Businesses in the wet leisure sector who had enjoyed reasonable prosperity in 2010 and 2011 were suddenly revising their outlook and considering a difficult future.

The pool sector in particular took a gloomy view of things to come. Only the sauna sector was showing real confidence, perhaps that was because they were at least out of the rain.

As if the economy wasn’t a big enough problem, our industry saw the Internet as threatening it’s livelihood with e-commerce suppliers undercutting showroom owners at every opportunity.

One thing did become clear from many of the comments that were included in responses; people in the wet leisure industry want to pull together and improve business for everyone.

Public awareness and perception of the wet leisure industry may not be as high or as positive as it should be. “Lack of industry advertising, real gutsy advertising,” commented one respondent.

In other news, 2011 saw a Royal Wedding and some of the worst inner-city rioting the country has ever experienced.