2013 Overview - Wet Leisure

This year we received about 15% more responses than last year. As we build data year on year and as the number of respondents grows, the picture that is revealed about our industry becomes more and more accurate, more and more useful.

There are some definite trends appearing in this year’s survey; some of them you might have expected, some of them might surprise you. The survey shows what areas of our industry are growing and where times are getting harder.

In overall terms, this was a good year for the industry and much better than anyone had expected it to be. Of course, the summer weather played a big part in that.

The South East, South West and the Midlands remain the UK’s strongest regions, both in terms of the wet leisure industry and their respective economies.

By the same token, there should be potential for growth in Scotland although the population density does pose a challenge for businesses.

Businesses in the wet leisure industry appear to have become ‘leaner’ with a reduction in the number of respondent businesses who reported 10 or more employees.

Businesses are now most commonly operating over all three sectors of the industry – pool, spa and sauna – with sauna showing the most real, year on year growth.

As the number of existing pools, sauna and spa installations in the UK grows, this appears to be reflected in growth in consumables, service and repair and retrofit products.

The top-end of the market remains strong and the budget sector appears to be under the most pressure. Energy saving products are beginning to be a large growth area.