UK drowning statistics show not enough people can swim - Wet Leisure

The latest figures available show that in 2010 there were 420 water-related deaths from accidents or natural causes across the UK, according to the National Water Safety Forum. The report stresses that while only a small number were drownings in swimming pools there is still a greater need to ensure more people can swim.

The report reveals that, as in previous years, the highest number of fatalities – 217 (52%) – happened in inland waters such as rivers, canals, lakes, lochs, reservoirs and ponds. Nearly a quarter of fatalities – 94 (22%) – happened at the coast or in a harbour, dock, marina or port, while an additional 73 deaths (17%) happened out at sea. Twenty-four fatalities were the result of incidents in baths (including jacuzzis or hot-tubs), six in swimming pools.

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