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Which sectors of the industry have seen growth this year? As we have seen, pool spa and sauna business behaves differently under different conditions and influences so we look at them individually to see how they have performed during the year. How has the pool sector behaved this year? 51% of respondents have seen growth […]

Would you describe most of those sales as being at the top-end of the market, budget conscious or somewhere in between? The present financial climate appears to have left the rich relatively unscathed while making life very difficult for people on lower incomes, for people with less disposable income. That being said, perhaps a quote […]

Would you describe most of those sales as being at the top-end of the market, budget conscious or somewhere in between? The chart shows that customers looking to make budget conscious purchases are an even smaller sector of the market than last year. Perhaps that furlough money and the savings from un-taken overseas holidays are […]

Breakdown by region: South East Over 37% of respondents operate in the South East. They are more likely to employ 10 or more people than the UK industry average. 43% reported an Extremely Good year compared to the survey average of 34%. The fact that the South East, contains London and the prosperous Home Counties […]

Spas and hot tubs. “Summer is here and us Brits love nothing more than soaking up the sunshine outdoors while we can. While decent weather is never guaranteed, that hasn’t stopped eager shoppers from snapping up a slightly more unconventional garden accessory – the luxurious hot tub.” So said The Mirror newspaper in July 2019. […]

Spas and hot tubs. Spas are the volume sector of the wet leisure industry, its where we find the big numbers of sales every year and we always will. There has been some slow and steady change in the sector though. Last year we pointed out that Tesco had 75 listings on their web site […]

Looking specifically at the three main areas of the wet leisure industry: Spas and hot tubs. We have already seen that the hot tub and spa market this year has been robust. We commented last year, and it has probably also been true of this year that spas have had positive exposure in the media […]

The media has commented that spas and hot tubs are becoming increasingly popular. Have you seen this reflected in your business this year? The responses to this question do seem to conflict slightly with the picture of the spa and hot tub industry that the other sections of the survey has been drawing. Perhaps this […]

2015 showed strong growth in the popularity of spas and hot tubs. What might be driving that is impossible to tell from this survey, however, it does seem that hot tubs have been getting more and better coverage in the mainstream media recently. Newspaper articles have talked about spas in regard to how lottery winners […]

It was a good year all around for the wet leisure industry but the spa market was particularly buoyant and some businesses in that sector had an excellent season. So it seems only natural to look at those respondents who described 2014 as being an ‘extremely good’ year. That group has grown to 15.5% of […]

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