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Was it a Good Year

How did you find business conditions this year? Responses to this question will always cover the scale from Extremely Difficult to Extremely Good but in previous years it has always been clear that there is a trend one way or another. Our industry is either thriving or struggling. The graph this year is much flatter […]

Was 2022 a good year for the Wet Leisure Industry? 2022 was a year of contrasts. Quite often, extreme contrasts. On the 19th July, Lincolnshire recorded a temperature of 40.3°C making it the hottest day on record and we all know that our industry thrives when the sun shines. However, rainfall for the season was […]

Was 2021 a good year for the Wet Leisure Industry? The answer to that question is very much, ‘It depends…’ A number of factors were at play over the course of the year; some of them helped business growth and some hindered it. Even the weather couldn’t be relied on to affect the country as […]

People who were forced to stay at home had furlough income to spend and enjoyed exceptional weather over the spring and summer; schools were closed, children were at home. “With more people at home the pool became very important, mostly to keep the kids out of the house.” It was the sunniest May on record […]

July 2019 saw the highest temperature ever recorded in the UK – 38.7C – but the summer wasn’t all about heat, heavy rainfall was a significant talking point too, particularly across parts of northern England. It has long been accepted that the wet leisure industry appears to be solar powered – when the sun shines, […]

Summer 2018 was warm, dry and largely sunny. Temperatures were well above average and we received only about 75% of a typical summer’s rainfall. The economy recovered from the financial crisis but growth remained sluggish. The pound fell, inflation rose over 2% and interest rates remained low. Probably the most influential economic factor of the […]

On the following scale, how did you find business conditions this year? Over 90% of the survey respondents enjoyed a year that was somewhere between OK and Extremely Good. That’s in a year that didn’t have the best weather during the season and was troubled by the uncertainties that came with the Brexit negotiations and […]

Sometimes it may seem that we are all working in hard times and that business is difficult It is worth remembering before we start this section that according to the survey records, in 2010 and 2011 more than 7.5% of businesses that responded to the Wet Leisure Survey reported that they had found business ‘extremely […]

Of course, the question that everyone wants to know the answer to is, ‘Was it a good year?’ and from the graph below, we can quickly see that for most respondents it was. How did you find business conditions this year? 71.5% of businesses described their year as being ‘OK’ or ‘Good’. That is a […]

This year we have seen continued growth in the South West, a reduction in businesses relying solely on commercial work and a broadening of what defines the wet leisure industry to, once again, show an increase in the importance of health and well-being. Of course, what we all want to know is, how are those […]

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