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Was it a Good Year

On the following scale, how did you find business conditions this year? Over 90% of the survey respondents enjoyed a year that was somewhere between OK and Extremely Good. That’s in a year that didn’t have the best weather during the season and was troubled by the uncertainties that came with the Brexit negotiations and […]

Sometimes it may seem that we are all working in hard times and that business is difficult It is worth remembering before we start this section that according to the survey records, in 2010 and 2011 more than 7.5% of businesses that responded to the Wet Leisure Survey reported that they had found business ‘extremely […]

Of course, the question that everyone wants to know the answer to is, ‘Was it a good year?’ and from the graph below, we can quickly see that for most respondents it was. How did you find business conditions this year? 71.5% of businesses described their year as being ‘OK’ or ‘Good’. That is a […]

This year we have seen continued growth in the South West, a reduction in businesses relying solely on commercial work and a broadening of what defines the wet leisure industry to, once again, show an increase in the importance of health and well-being. Of course, what we all want to know is, how are those […]

The questions and their responses so far give a good, overall picture of the wet leisure industry in the UK. They tell us broadly what sorts of businesses are in operation in which areas and what sectors. Of course, what we are all interested in is, how are those businesses doing? On the following scale […]

“How was it for you?” At the end of 2012, that was the question on everyone’s lips in the wet leisure industry. For the last 12 months, the media has been full of doom and gloom and it seems as if the skies have been full of cloud and rain, so this chart was never […]

The survey asked respondents how they had found business to be in the previous 2 years (2010 and 2011) and how they rated their expectations for 2012. This first, 2011, survey was unique in asking businesses to look back over two years but it does mean that we have a picture of industry business confidence […]