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Almost 20% of respondents said that 2015 had been an extremely good year for their business. Do they share common trends? How do they stand out from the industry average? The regional spread is not that different from the overall survey sample. It seems that wherever you are based in the country, you can have […]

The first statistic for 2014 is an encouraging one. We received more responses this year than the last. In fact, the number of businesses that have taken the time to fill in the survey has increased by over 75% since the survey began. In fact, one respondent wrote, “I look forward to reading the results […]

This year we received about 15% more responses than last year. As we build data year on year and as the number of respondents grows, the picture that is revealed about our industry becomes more and more accurate, more and more useful. There are some definite trends appearing in this year’s survey; some of them […]

In 2011 the survey was conducted entirely online. This year, with the help and support of the BSPF, we supplemented the online survey by sending out another survey form in the post. The number of responses that we got to the survey increased significantly. For the wet leisure industry, 2012 was a challenging year. The […]

“From October 1st 2011 to January 15th 2012, Golden Coast conducted an in-depth survey of the wet leisure industry. This was an on-line survey with all respondents recruited via the Internet. Businesses were informed of the survey by emailed newsletters, on social media and by the inclusion of a link to the survey in on-line, […]