Increasing profitability with cross-selling

sauna-blog-image_0001s_0000_Pool-SaunaThis article will look at an extremely useful marketing technique that you could use to expand your pool business. There are many opportunities for cross selling in the wet leisure industry and yet it remains an area that is under exploited.

What is cross selling?

Cross selling is simply the sale of a product or service to a customer who has already purchased a different product from your pool business.

It is a very, very simple idea but not all businesses carry it through. Perhaps they don’t want to seem too pushy, but more than likely the reason is that they do not have a marketing mindset.

Cross selling is a source of competitive advantage to your existing business and costs you absolutely nothing. The person who has just bought a small pool from you will probably want chemicals as well, but what about trying to sell them some pool furniture or pool toys. If someone has bought a larger pool, then perhaps they would be interested in a hot tub or a sauna to sit alongside it?

After all, you are selling to someone who is already a customer. You know that they are interested in wet leisure products and you know that you have their trust. So what could be simpler?

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Knowing your customers.

For cross selling to be at its most effective you need to have some sort of picture of your customer in your head. If you have a customer database or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) then that obviously helps. If you know that they use their pool for family fun or perhaps they are more interested in the fitness aspect of swimming, then that gives you an idea of which products they will find most attractive and appropriate.

You might also look at cross selling products that appeal to the same demographic groups; people in a particular age range or income level might be more likely to buy a particular type of product. One group might be easier to sell energy efficient technology to; others might prefer luxury poolside furniture or toys and games.

The benefits of cross selling.

Cross selling can lead to savings on very significant overheads such as your advertising, your sales force and even your retail space.

You are selling to a customer that you already have. You don’t need to attract them by advertising and you have already convinced them that your pool business is a company that they can trust.

At Wet Leisure we are committed to innovation and knowledge within the wet leisure industry. For more information on marketing and promoting your business check out the other articles on this website, join one of our many industry specific groups or speak to a member of our team.

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2 Responses to Increasing profitability with cross-selling
  1. Good article Jamie, would emphasise the point about a really in-depth knowledge of the customer. If you keep trying to flog stuff that’s not relevant to them, it can irritate and therefore be counter-productive.

    • Thanks for your comments Dorian – we will look at including these in the next revision of this article.

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