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For the third year running, Servicing and Repairs has scored the highest when businesses are asked what services they offer their customers. Reasons for this from the customer’s point of view might be that they are ‘cash rich and time poor’. It might be that installations are becoming more complicated or that people are becoming […]

In terms of a recession, and although the wet leisure industry has had a good year the UK economy has been suffering overall, we are used to hearing about the ‘squeezed middle’. But has that been true of our industry. Would you describe most of your sales as being at the top end of the […]

In this year’s survey we took a closer look at trends in marketing and trends in the market. How people were selling things and what sort of things people were looking to buy. After all, the purpose of this whole exercise is to keep businesses the information and insights they need to boost sales. What […]

Marketing, health and safety and PR. In this year’s survey we asked a few specific questions about areas which we felt were hot topics in the wet leisure industry. What is the best way to market your own business is always something that interests people. Should the whole industry be working to raise it’s profile? […]

The Internet. A threat, an opportunity or just a fact of life. It seems as if the Internet has been with us forever, but it hasn’t. Back in 2011, it was fair to say that, when it came to the digital world, opinion was still divided. The most obvious statistic regarding this survey and the […]

2015 showed strong growth in the popularity of spas and hot tubs. What might be driving that is impossible to tell from this survey, however, it does seem that hot tubs have been getting more and better coverage in the mainstream media recently. Newspaper articles have talked about spas in regard to how lottery winners […]

It was a good year all around for the wet leisure industry but the spa market was particularly buoyant and some businesses in that sector had an excellent season. So it seems only natural to look at those respondents who described 2014 as being an ‘extremely good’ year. That group has grown to 15.5% of […]

Over the three years of the survey we have seen a trend of diversification where businesses, in the main, now deal in all three sectors – pool, spa and sauna. This year that trend has become so pronounced that, statistically speaking, we can no longer differentiate between the results and responses of those three sectors. […]

Although the survey was aimed at the whole of the wet leisure industry, it is possible to look at each sector – pool, spa and sauna individually, although it should be noted that the majority of respondents work in more than one of these areas. The pool sector. In the pool sector the rating average […]

Although the 2011 survey was directed towards all sectors of the wet leisure industry, there were discernible differences between each of the three major market segments; pools, spas and saunas. Pools.   Looking at the confidence levels for 2012 within the pool sector, we saw that 50% saw the year ahead as ‘Difficult’ or ‘Extremely […]