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This is the thirteenth year of the Wet leisure Industry Survey. The first Survey took place in 2010 and the results were published at SPATEX the following year. The original concept of an industry wide survey came from Golden Coast and was simply this, Other industries and markets have facts, figures and statistics that are […]

What sort of businesses made up the survey sample? It’s important to know some things about the businesses that respond to the survey even if we don’t know their names or have any other identification. This first section of the survey can pick up industry trends like changes in the size of businesses by staff […]

How did you find business conditions this year? Responses to this question will always cover the scale from Extremely Difficult to Extremely Good but in previous years it has always been clear that there is a trend one way or another. Our industry is either thriving or struggling. The graph this year is much flatter […]

Which sectors of the industry have seen growth this year? As we have seen, pool spa and sauna business behaves differently under different conditions and influences so we look at them individually to see how they have performed during the year. How has the pool sector behaved this year? 51% of respondents have seen growth […]

Breakdown by region We end where we began, with looking at the survey region by region. Our regions each have their different characteristics and, if anything, these have become more notable over time. South East The South East tend to have slightly smaller businesses – in terms of staff numbers – than the survey norm […]

Which of these market trends are your customers following? It’s no surprise to find that energy saving products dominate this chart this year. Many of those products will be retrofit and might be either budget or top end. “With sky rocketing costs, energy efficiency is a hot topic and we work hard on providing innovative […]

Would you describe most of those sales as being at the top-end of the market, budget conscious or somewhere in between? The present financial climate appears to have left the rich relatively unscathed while making life very difficult for people on lower incomes, for people with less disposable income. That being said, perhaps a quote […]

Was 2022 a good year for the Wet Leisure Industry? 2022 was a year of contrasts. Quite often, extreme contrasts. On the 19th July, Lincolnshire recorded a temperature of 40.3°C making it the hottest day on record and we all know that our industry thrives when the sun shines. However, rainfall for the season was […]

Who took the survey? Of course, the answer to that is that we don’t know. All the responses to the Wet Leisure Survey are anonymous. What we do have are half a dozen questions that begin the survey that allow us to get a picture of what sort of businesses responded. Where in the UK […]

This will be the twelfth year of the Wet leisure Industry Survey. To be honest, it doesn’t feel as if we have been going that long but if the records show we have, then we have. And that is one of the reasons for the survey. Memory plays tricks on us; some things we miss-remember, […]